Ribtec RIBs

Ribtec Rigid Inflatable Boats - New and second hand Ribtec RIBs

Ribtec Grand Tourer 920 Cabin RIB

Ribtec RIBs - High performance Rigid Inflatable Boats

Ribtec manufactures Rigid Inflatable Boats from 5.8m to over 10m in length for a mixture of family fun, sports boating as well as more professional off-shore use, and are also moving upmarket to target the lucrative market for smarter looking, high performance cabin RIBs, like the Ribtec 920 Grand Tourer shown here. Also a decent second hand RIB, Ribtec are known for their high performance hulls.

Ribtec RIB range:

Ribtec 585

Ribtec 655

Ribtec 740 Inboard

Ribtec 740SX

Ribtec 920 Grand Tourer

Alternatives RIBs

Aquaflyte Ribs, Scorpion Ribs, Brig RIBS

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